Gina from KAA(non-registered)
WOW! Incredibly beautiful photographs. Thank you for stopping by the gallery today. Looking forward to see more of your work in person.

Have you ever been to Washburn Heights Dr. in Brownsville? You may find that's a good place to get some shots of the valley.
Jim Harris(non-registered)
Wow. You are the best. If folks think wildlife photography is easy - they should try it. Time and Patience - lots of both. Then, when the opportunity presents itself, you have to do EVERYTHING right (composition, depth of field, shutter speed and focus). You do it ALL the right way. You are the man!
David Fryman(non-registered)
Hello Ray, I met you this morning at Ninepipes Wildlife Refuge. It was a pleasure. I enjoyed looking at your photos greatly.
Bob Lee (Montana Bob)(non-registered)
Very nice photographs Ray, thanks for sharing
Wes Uncapher(non-registered)
proud to have wonderful competitors that are also great freinds. fantastic work! thanks for sticking to it and keeping your "fostersfocus".
Greg Bachand(non-registered)
Ray - still making great pictures! Hope you're doing well.
Randy Wallaert(non-registered)
Just stopped in to see your latest handy work. Looks great!
John Svendsen(non-registered)
Beautiful work Ray, you should be proud. It was really nice meeting you the other day at Baskett Slough NWR. Hope to see ya soon. John
Renee Carson(non-registered)
You have some really lovely photos on this site!!! I especially like the panoramas, they are awesome!!! Keep up the great work Ray! :D
John Strupith(non-registered)
Ray you need to get these in a book, they are great and I believe it would sell. People love picture books.
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